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Health Mediation Service - Resolving NHS Complaints

Terry Leigh's role as an independent and impartial mediator is to help patients or those acting on their behalf and NHS staff to resolve any complaint, conflict or relationship difficulty that has arisen between them.

Health mediation is an integral and important component of the NHS complaints process. It has long been recognized as an effective tool to resolve a wide variety of concerns including:

  • Approaches to treatment

  • Communication difficulties between patients and NHS staff

  • Referrals

  • Practitioner role and responsibilities

  • Practice procedures

Key Benefits

  • Large increase in the number of complaints resolved to the satisfaction of both parties

  • Reduction in time, energy and costs managing the conflict

  • The use of health mediation demonstrates commitment by the NHS organisation to resolve the complaint fairly and constructively

  • Enhancement of the complaints service by the provision of an independent and impartial health mediation service

  • Health mediation can be used to resolve conflicts or difficulties where a complaint has not been formally raised

  • Quick to initiate and complete

The Process

Mediators are responsible for facilitating and determining the procedure for the mediation. They have no legal power, do not offer advice or impose solutions and make no attempt to judge the situation. Health mediation is a voluntary and confidential process.

Stage 1
The mediator has a private meeting or discussion with each separate party, in order to explain how mediation works. Those involved are asked to discuss how they see and feel about the situation. The main issues involved are clarified and ways of resolving them explored. At the end of the meeting, the mediator confirms with the party their agreement to continue with mediation and how they wish to proceed.

Stage 2
In most cases a joint face-to-face meeting is then arranged. When facilitating face-to-face meetings, the mediator ensures that they are safe and controlled, allowing those involved the opportunity to speak and to respond to the issues raised. At the start the mediator confirms how the meeting will be conducted. Each of the parties is then given an opportunity to speak about the situation, without being interrupted. The issues to be discussed are clarified and confirmed. The mediator works through these issues with the parties, helping them to communicate and work towards their own agreement or understanding.


Because Terry does not have the overheads of a larger organisation, he can offer his expertise and a flexible individual service at very competitive rates.

A fixed fee of £850 + travel expenses would apply to a mediation case involving 2 parties.
No VAT applies to these fees.

This fee covers:
Initial separate meeting with party 1
Initial separate meeting with party 2
Face-to-face meeting
Phone support work with parties
Administration work
Travel time to meetings

Free Initial Telephone Consultation With No Obligation

Contact Terry now by phone or email to discuss the next step. All calls and messages are confidential.

Phone: 01892 457405 Email: terry@mediatorlondon.co.uk

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